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2111 Geer Road, Building F, Suite 209, Turlock CA 95382 | Phone: 209.634.5087 | Fax: 209.634.5962 | Mon-Sat 9am to 5pm                                        Map Our Location  


We are a family owned firearm business that has been serving the Turlock area since 1975.  We are a full service gun shop offering firearm training for the beginner, advanced and the professional.  We have been teaching fiream classes since 1952.  In our over 50 years of training, we have graduated over 8,000 students that have gone through our firearm classes.  We continiously stay updated with the latest Federal Firearm Training programs.  
We offer a complete range of firearm services, including :
- Sales
- Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Classes
- Personal Defense Training; No longer be afraid
- Home Defense Training 
- Business Defense Training
- Combat Focus Shooting; Surving the Kill Zone; Protect the Gift of Life
In addition to practicing on a shooting range, each class emphasizes the knowledge of Local, State and Federal laws pertaining to the ownership and handling of your personal weapon.  Safe practices are also emphasized.

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